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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Edgar R. Figaro Kumoricon 2004 Gallery. Please enjoy all the wonderful picures of King Edgar, whether he's with his fellow adventurers or a lovestruck young lady.

It's good to be the King.

Kefka and Relm!?

Just what IS Kefka doing to Relm?
Returners and Friends

Group photo with Rydia and Kefka


Locke "hunt" one of Kefka's feathers while Mog moves into position.
Sneaky Locke

Relm spots Kefka in hiding,
Locke is much sneakier as he dips into the royal treasury.

Edgar meets Gau

He's got a goldfish bowl for a head!!!
Returner Victory

When the party is 99th level
is it any wonder Kefka's grumpy?

Boo Attacks!

"Go for the eyes Boo!"
Edgar and Babes 1

Girls flock to me, what can I say?
Even girls from other games and from the SCA!

Edgar and Babes 2

Edgar and Babes 3

Lech *smack*

I only asked if she was a "Young maid of An Tir"...

She could have at least let me take another picture!

Free for anyone to download!
Edgar had so much fun he may attend next year,
With a better camer and more film! ;D