Kumoricon 2004

Tom the Fanboy's Photo Collection

Welcome to Tom the Fanboy's 2004 Kumoricon picture collection! I don't have a scanenr so you'll all have to make due with the scans on my photoCDs. Hopefully I'll have a better camera for next year!

The hotel room view

KOIN Tower

The big building right outside our window.

Brenda and Chris

Brenda gets a backrub from Chris of Bakazoku. He was on my bed!

Captain N

Me and Sean

Now don't YOU want to be Con Chair?
Me, sushiglomper, and friend

Last pic of the Con.
I almost wasn't able to find Sushi Glomper for this picture!
Aren't you glad I did?

Feel free to take my pictures!
I hope to see you all at Kumoricon 2005! Have a great year!
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